Why your employees need to like each other

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BusinessMenShakingHands-freedigitalphotos.jpgThere’s this traditional idea that work is not meant to be a social place. But that view is changing. More and more companies are starting to realise that workplaces where people enjoy spending time with each other are more productive.

This is even more important for SMEs as your team is small and they work closely together. When hiring new staff members, you should also consider whether they’d be a good fit with their co-workers. Here are some reasons why. 

It prevents office politics

Office politics can become a huge issue in a small team. It divides an already tiny workforce as people take sides. Sometimes, in bad cases, it negatively affects the quality of work being produced. It can even make people dread coming to the office. When employees don’t interact with their colleagues in a positive manner, it’s easier for office politics to escalate.

When people like each other, conflict becomes rare. Issues are sorted out easily because tempers don’t get out of control. Nobody feels they are being victimised and nobody wants to take sides because they don’t want to alienate their friends. Staff members are comfortable being honest about their feelings and are able to talk about possible issues in a respectful manner.

People enjoy their jobs more

You may not want your employees socialising at the coffee machine instead of doing their work but it’s important they want to occasionally have a chat. When people enjoy the office atmosphere, they want to come to work. They know when they walk through the door in the morning, they’ll be greeted with smiles. And, if they’re having a bad day, there will be someone who understands.

When people enjoy their jobs, they’re less likely to leave if a better opportunity arises. Being surrounded by people they like every day will make them think twice about taking another job. They’re loyal to their colleagues and therefore to you as well.

Better teamwork improves productivity

People who like each other work well together. It’s that simple. They collaborate better. They communicate better and they produce better results. This is because they feel comfortable talking to each other about their ideas. When people get along they tend to trust each other more and trust is important for teamwork.

In the workplace people need to know they can count on each other. They need to be able to communicate properly. And they need to be able to work well in a team with their colleagues. All this is so much better when co-workers like each other.  

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