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BOSSbook.jpgDo you find that as an owner / manager of a growing business, much of your time seems to be spent on mundane, low-value time consuming tasks? It’s midday and you’re only half way through point 2 on your 15 point to do list for the day. The other things you’ve been busy sorting out all morning, were never on your to do list to start with!

Does this sound familiar? It’s a common scenario in the world of small business. So much valuable time is taken up by managing the workplace, phone calls, admin and fixing IT problems to name a few.

There is no definitive solution to changing these facts at the drop of a hat, but there are a number of ways in which a business owner, like you, can take on the challenges you’re faced with everyday, and start to work smarter.

Technology is available, and waiting to work hand in hand with you and your staff in order to get more done and to get it done faster and more efficiently. Technology will help you to really take charge and focus on making your business grow.

The BOSS (Book of Small Business Solutions) will show you how Microsoft technologies can streamline your processes, letting you spend more time on important jobs like customer service and growing your business.

You can access the content of The BOSS, absolutely free of charge, as:

Let THE BOSS show you how you can work smarter, giving your time to do what you're best at.

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