Sample Interview Script and Assessment Template

After you have selected the applicants you wish to meet with, it pays to plan out the interview in advance. Having a fixed agenda, knowing what questions you will ask, and what information you will provide, can speed the process and reduce the time you have to spend with each candidate. It also goes a long way in providing uniform information regarding the job applicants.

The purpose of the form you can download below is to provide useful tips for you to interview and select job candidates in the most effective way. The second part serves as a guide to enable you to objectively evaluate a candidate’s suitability for employment. You may adapt it to reflect your business needs, job description, products and services you offer.

Just fill in the specific requirements for each dimension based on the job description. Score (from 1-lowest to 5-highest) each of them and use comments to support your assessment.

ICON_WORD.gif Sample Interview Script and Assessment Template


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