How to create a great customer experience strategy

Statistics show that buyers are now willing to pay more for a great customer experience and companies that prioritise customer experience are gaining higher profits. What’s the secret behind businesses with a great customer experience? Find out what you should be doing to create an outstanding customer experience. Here are a few great strategies you can use.


equipment renting vs buying: what is best for your business

Having up-to-date equipment for your business is imperative to its success. This is true of any industry, from IT to construction companies, and everything in between. But it can be costly to keep upgrading such equipment each year in order to stay on-trend. This is where business asset buying and business asset renting comes into play, and either can be helpful depending on your situation. Read on for more information on renting versus buying an asset.


How to start a cleaning company in south africa

In this article, the experts at Pty Company Registration touch on all the must-have documentation you need to start a successful cleaning company in South Africa that’s legally registered and eligible to apply for Tenders – whether you’re aiming for private, commercial or government contracts. To simplify the list, we’ve broken this article into two sections – Section 1: General Documentation every South African business needs, and Section 2: Documentation South African cleaning companies need for contracts.

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