How to make raising finance for a business less stressful

There are several ways that you can raise the funds that will let you buy a business and become your own boss. Some of these examples will be less obvious than others. Remember that you might need to be a little more creative than you think when it comes to raising finance. Ultimately though, if you have made the decision that you know is right for you, the process should be far less stressful. So, whether you are looking to finance a retail business or a farm, read on!

Simple steps to creating an SME budget


If you are planning on starting your own business, or if you are an SME business owner who is interested in small business asset funding, you will need to draw up a budget at some point. This budget might be for small business funding to improve your product offerings or even small business finance for finding better premises. If you are looking into funding for your small business or want to start a business, it is vital to know exactly how to draw up a budget. Here are some simple tips on how to create an SME budget.


How SME owners can survive late payments

One of the biggest pressure points for small businesses is making it through month-end. Often when salaries and bills are due, SMEs face a shortfall from slow-paying clients. Some large corporates and government entities ask their suppliers to give them as many as 120 days to settle their account, when standard payment terms are set between 30 and 60 days. SMEs, relying on a steady cash flow to maintain business operations, cannot survive on such long repayment terms. Here's how SME owners can survive late payments.

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